30 November 2010

28 August 2010

My Toolbox

Note to self: Buy a 4H pencil.


Here's the sketch I mentioned in my last post. It is originally by Zindy and she call's it 'Hold the Sun'. You can check her work here. Isn't she amazing?
Thanks friend, for suggesting 'hope' as title!

26 August 2010

Elves kiss

Made this sketch some months back, and framed it too. 
Original sketch is by Zindy and its called 'Butterfly kiss'. Check her work here. Love her style of drawing. Thanks Zindy, for allowing me to redraw your work! I have one more of her sketches in progress. I started it a while back and then I decided to draw some originals. Will finish it soon though!

24 August 2010

Masked - abstract art

Reference: Notebook cover. Unknown Artist.

16 August 2010


couldn't capture the shades properly in camera. my favorite sketch so far.
Time: around 30 hrs :)